Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Long Live

Greetings Diners of Radio,

I hope your summer has been great. It was weird for kids to go to school already, it seems summer should still be going. Alas, I say "Long live the Summertime!" And it's in that spirit that we continue to celebrate 2 great years on Abilene Public Radio this week on the Appetizer. Many of you remember last Summer's theme of "Live in the Summertime," a 3 week series containing all concert performances by many great artists. This week, we remember and we do new things as well. Live music from the Counting Crows, Strunz & Farah, Santana, James Taylor, John Mayer and more, all this week on the Appetizer. And be apart of the contest to win a free Appetizer T-Shirt. All you have to do is email me (dgrantsmith@gmail.com) and include your name, where you live, what you enjoy about the Appetizer, and give a request or 2. 1 person will be selected at random and win. And depending on how many entries, we might give away more free stuff. Listen and take part!

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