Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Appetizer Weekly Review

Very few artists can sell over 20 million albums in their careers. Even fewer can perform their songs in more than one language. Even fewer still can perform in more than 2 languages. Laura Pausini can boast all three. In her latest album entiteld "Resta In Asculto," she continues to amaze. This amazing singer/songwriter puts her passion, her incredible voice, and her brilliant writing on display in this great album. This album is recorded entirely in Italien. However, if you prefer Spanish, she recorded the same tracks in that language and are available on the cd entitled "Escucha." To describe the sound, imagine the musical imagery of Mana's guitar and drums along with light string accompaniment and occasional piano, partnered with an incredible female vocalist with great range. I don't speak or understand much Italian, but the basic Latin I do know helps me understand the passion she pours out in this album. The style of music changes, so you hear her talent in writing songs with different musical flavor. Among the most delicious tracks are "Viveme," which starts as a slight shimmer and ends as an explosion of brilliant light and glory. Also "Tu Nombre En Mayusculas" showcases her ability to build and climax and "Donde El Aire Es Ceniza" rocks all the way through. This CD was featured in May on the Appetizer and we will continue to feature more great music from this album and her other works. This album is definitely worth the bill at your local music store. The Appetizer gives "Resta In Asculto" 4 out of 4 forks. Check it out.


Leilani said...

Your creativity never ceases! Four forks our of four? Oh that's so clever!
Well, as you know I am equally entranced by this CD. It stirs up passion and good memories--especially of slow dancing.:) It's the ultimate dancing CD.
Keep up on the excellent work (both you: my sweetie and Mike)! It's a show and a website to be proud of.
I love you!

Regenia said...

From Regenia:

Your program is such a great blend of music that it is so refreshing to hear. SInce I am of 50 and over group it is refreshing to hear music of true talent. Thank you for sharing your musical interests with the listeners.