Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer Is Here

There are some big things coming out (some have already premiered) this summer and we're apart of that. One of these, is the emergence of some big movies. So to start (officially) the summer off, we're going to the movies with music dedicated to the blockbusters of this summer and also a look into what's coming in the future, primarily of the hero or superhero genre. We're not only doing the symphonic-styled stuff, we've got some great classic rock tracks from the blockbusters of yore.

We'll follow that up with a must anticipated return to our Take Cover Series from last year, featuring new cover tracks that you've probably never heard before and some that you have. We'll try to tackle as many genres as possible and feature some known and unknown artists, all in the mix.

June will end with our infamous 4th Annual Comedy night, this year with material focusing on relationships and family life, from a variety of different comedic voices.

More info to come on what's going on through the rest of the summer, so stayed tuned to your computer and your radio, and join us every Saturday at 8PM for The Appetizer on 89.7 KACU.

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