Friday, September 16, 2005

The Appetizer Reviews Blindside

It's appropriate that the first rock album that the Appetizer reviews is none other than Blindside's 2005 release "The Great Depression." This album is not a collection of depressing or angry music as the title implies. Instead it is a call to live for more than what the media or popularity presents. And the style, prose, composition, and sound all combine to make a truely remarkable production. Last year's "About A Burning Fire" brought new attention to these 4 lads from Sweden. They will surely see much more after this release. There's a blend of straight up rock on such tracks as "Fell in Love With the Game" and "Bleeding Under Your Eyelids." There's Eurorock/Techno on "My Alibi." Softer sounds are found on "This Time" and "When I Remember." And the infamous scream of Christian Lindskog can be heard on "This is a Heart Attack" and "We Are To Follow." While the sound and track names might be a bit scary for older audiences, check out the lyrics. The passion and music is a cry to God and a cry to desperate people in search of Someone to rescue them. And a cry out to the rest of us to show them who that Rescuer is. An incredible album that will be featured on the Appetizer in the months ahead. If it could be given more than 4 forks, it would be. So imagine a 5th one in there. Check it out. And check out for more information.


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