Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Appetizer Reviews Angelique Kidjo

You've heard her name, she's been broadcast over stations across the world and even made several TV appearances. But if you haven't heard her music, then let Oyaya! (which means joy) start you right off. Angelique Kidjo is at the top of her game on this album. Every song captures her beautiful voice, and her amazing songwriting abilities. And her musical accompaniment is incredible. Blending African rhythms and French lyrics that paints a music picture of a Carribean paradise. This album is sure to soon become a favorite of the Appetizer. Great percussion, great melodies, great musical talent, and one great performer. Some Appetizer favorites include "Congoleo," "Oulala," "N'Yin Wan Nou We," and "Djovamin Yi." Check out her website for more information and song samples- Appetizer rating-4 out of 4 Forks. Check it out!

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