Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Indie Music Meets Santa

Christmas time seems to have an earlier start every year. It's kind of hard for some of us to get into the Christmas spirit and season before Thanksgiving has even happened. But now that December is here, we will start getting in the mood for sleigh bells, cider, and the celebration of love and giving.

December's selection of Music on The Appetizer will consist of some surprises, a few new artists, some great indie flavors and some season's savory tastes mixed into the batch. We'll conclude the month and year with a very special Appetizer Christmas, a collection of more traditional Christmas songs performed in nontraditional styles.

We'll conclude our Folk/Light Rock mix in the first weekend with some great flavors of music from indie artists Ari Hest, Sufjan Stevens, Jill Andrews, William Fitzsimmons and introducing Twyla Foreman out of Abilene, Tx.

Starting on December 11th we'll begin a 2 week special entitled, A Merry Feast, consisting of Christmas tunes from indie artists like The Rocketboys, Coolfield, Miss Kristin and well-known acts like Otis Redding, Emery, A Fine Frenzy and much more. Join us!

The Appetizer is heard Saturdays at 3P on 91.3 KVLU-1 in Beaumont, Tx; Saturdays at 9PM on 89.7 KACU in Abilene, Tx; Sundays at 9PM on 90.5 KTRL in Stephenville, Tx

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