Thursday, December 30, 2010

Golden Fork Awards 2010 Ballot

Thanks for being a part of our annual Golden Fork Awards. Last year, fans of the show awarded Iron & Wine, The Rocketboys, and Hannah & The Bloodlines with the first ever Golden Fork Trophies. You decide who is worthy of this year's trophies. Please choose 1 selection per category and email those choices to Please make a selection for every category or we won't be able to accept your ballot.

Thank you.

I. Nominees for 2010 Best Song (not necessarily released in 2010 but aired during the calendar year on The Appetizer)

A. Fistful of Mercy- Restore Me
hear music at
B. Bobby Bare Jr.- Swollen But Not The Same
hear music at artist website
C. Brandi Carlile- Pride & Joy
hear music at artist website
D. Elliott Park- She Is

E. Jaymay- Sea Green, See Blue
hear music at artist website
F. The Rocketboys- Rare Triumphs of Love and Fortune
hear music at artist website artist website
G. Trevor Hall- Lime Tree
hear music at artist website
H. (Write In)_______________________________

II. Nominees for 2010 Best Album (album released in 2010 calendar year)

A. David Gray- Foundling

B. Citizen Cope- Rainwater EP
C. Harper Blynn-Loneliest Generation
D. Ray LaMontagne & the Pariah Dogs-God Willing and the Creek Don't Rise
E. Elliott Park- Flyboy
hear excerpts at artist website
F. Ryan Montbleau Band- Heavy On The Vine
G. Danny Malone- Cuddlebug
H. Write In____________________

III. Nominees for 2010 Best EP/Short Album (album released in 2010 calendar year)

A. Bess Rogers- Bess Rogers Presents Bess Rogers
B. Jerzy Jung- Hello Desire
C. The Rocketboys-Wellwisher EP
D.Brandi Carlile- XOBC EP
E. Wyldlife- Nicotine EP
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IV. Nominees for The Appetizer Artist Of The Year

A. William Fitzsimmons
B. Citizen Cope
C. Lindsay Katt
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V. Nominees For Best New/Emerging Artist

A. Trevor Hall
B. Dan Mangan
C. The Weepies
D. American Fiction
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