Friday, August 13, 2010

Yearly Update-Sorry about that

If you haven't checked in on this blog for a while (like a year or more) because it was never updated, I apologize. We've redesigned The Appetizer website (done by Dennis Davis at Able, become a syndicated radio program on KACU (our host station), KVLU-1 in Beaumont and KTRL in Stephenville. We have an official theme song which is Lindsay Katt's Heart Place (check her music out and buy ALL of it at We have a voice-over man doing introductions, tags, and liners who is amazing-Mr. Paul Nixon (get him to do work for you by going to have an indie music collaborator who is a music blogger for the Dallas Morning News-Mr. Michael Granberry (read his blogs here). We've been working closely with The Historic Paramount Theater in Abilene to bring some emerging indie artists to town for great concerts. We look forward to announcing this year's selections soon.
Again, our apologies for the delay. We've been a little busy but will work harder to keep you all updated on new music. Be sure to surf over to our other blog here for more updates, insights, and more. Thanks.

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