Thursday, July 02, 2009

More Hidden Treasures

Last week we looked at some bite-sized portions of music's great flavors, some from people you know and others from those you don't. We're continuing on that theme this week with some more "Hidden Treasures."

Folk rock has a lot of people talking, and even more listening to these well-crafted seasonings coming from places all over the world. Tune in to The Appetizer this week for some luscious delights from Malaysian singer-songwriter Zee Avi and a cut from her 2009 release called The Story.

Also, Appetizer artist Bess Rogers and a selection from her recent Travel Back EP called "Yellowbird." You can hear Bess talk about the album and hear pieces of the it on our podcast at

We also have some great hidden treasures from signed artists like England's Sandi Thom, Fiona Apple, U2, Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World and much more.

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