Friday, May 15, 2009

Enchanted Evening Banquet continues

You are cordially invited to the continuation of the Appetizer's Enchanted Evening Banquet this Saturday at 9P on 89.7 KACU.

We'll begin with music from the young and talented Brie Stoner, who has put out several EPs and has been a part of Rob Bell's Nooma video series. She's also become a regular voice on the Appetizer over the past few years. We'll hear from three of her albums.

We move forward with a Korean-American talent who has recorded and toured with indie sensations Ingrid Michaelson and William Fitzsimmons. Her music has also been featured on several primetime TV shows. She's the talented Priscilla Ahn.

Also featured, pop sensation Leona Naess. Leona is a bit more publicized than our other artists. She's performed on Ellen, Craig Kilborn and other TV shows. Her music is so diverse and intriguing, she has also been featured quite a bit over the last 8 months. We'll hear from two of her albums.

Our feature artist this week is Vanessa Peters and Ice Cream on Mondays. Vanessa hails from McKinney, TX but also has links to Italy. We'll talk with Vanessa over the phone about her unusual band name, her music, tour and much more. We'll also hear select cuts from her 2008 album "Sweetheart Keep Your Chin Up."

These four great female artists are on the playbill for the next dinner plate of The Appetizer, from Abilene Public Radio, heard Saturdays at 9PM on 89.7 KACU in Abilene, TX or online at

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