Monday, December 10, 2007

Different Kind of Christmas

This year, we're doing things a bit differently. I never really know how to treat Christmas, since I get pretty sick of Christmas music on Thanksgiving Day when everyone starts playing. Working at a radio station for 10 years has made me dread this time of year because I get to listen to the same 30 songs all day long for 3 weeks straight. I'm sure people in retail or the grocery store business feel this pain.

With that in mind, you might understand the difficulty I have each year with doing something new and engaging this time of year. The past two years we've done a sort of musical play to narrate the story of Christmas, from a variety of artists and styles. This year, we're going to.......just have a little fun. I'm not exactly sure what that means, or what we'll do, but it will be both light-hearted and fun. I'm not as interested in being so serious about it as I have in the past, but at the same time, not wanting to treat it as a casual day, because it is Jesus' b-day. But fun music and Christmas stuff all wrapped up nicely under the tree is what you can expect.

Oh, we'll also mention our 2007 Golden Fork winners. Tune in Saturday December 22 for an Appetizer Christmas Party, on 89.7 KACU or online at

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