Monday, April 02, 2007

A look into the future

Coming up on the Appetizer…..

During the month of April we will feature a 4 week series entitled “Storytellers,” highlighting the stories told in music. Not all of the songs on tap will be what you might expect in a series like this, but most songs tell some sort of story, and many are quite profound, if we’ll take the time to pay attention to what’s being communicated. We’ll look at the themes and stories told in music during the month of April.

Continuing on into May, we’ll travel the globe to hear the sounds of the world. World music is quite a large category of music, and we’ll try to squeeze as much of that eclecticism into 3 weeks. We’ll finish the month with a program dedicated to our soldiers of today and yesterday on a Memorial Day program.

As we head into the summer months, more great themed programs and anniversary shows are on the way, including a Movie Music show dedicated to many of the superhero themed flicks coming to theaters this year. We’ll also do an anniversary of last years “Take Cover” series featuring new cover tunes, and we’ll finish the month of June with our third annual Comedy Night 2007. This year, comedy involving relationships and children.

And we’ll continue the summer with more great music from local legends in the first week of July, music of beauty and love and an unplugged/acoustic show through the rest of the month. And we’ll close out the summer with 3 weeks of music dedicated to one particular type of rock music that has grown in popularity and style over the last several years.

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