Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Coming In November- TX Music

In the month of November, the Appetizer will present a month long series called "Coming Home," featuring all Texas artists and bands, including many from the great city of Abilene. Some of these groups you will have heard before, but many will be the first time anyone has heard them in Abilene (and for some, the first airplay of their musical careers). Tune in to the Appetizer in November for the music of Eisley, Windsor Drive, PlayRadioPlay, The Elliot Project, Monk & Neagle, Branch, Flickerstick, Fastball, Spoon, Jets Under Fire, and much more. All coming in the month of November on the Appetizer.

The Appetizer airs every Saturday night at 8 on 89.7 KACU
online at www.kacu.org

For more info, check out www.dgrantsmith.com/appetizer

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