Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Super Show

Well, for me this is a dream come true, because Superman has been one of my favorite fictional characters for most of my life, as well as probably my number 1 childhood hero. So the fact that 20+ years have gone by since the Man of Steel was in a motion picture and his return (to both the cinema and the title of the movie) happened this week, I felt we needed to celebrate with an hour of music. Fortunately, the Appetizer is that hour. So this week, we're celebrating the new movie release, the character, and in a way the 4th of July with music about Superman, heroes, rescues, being saved and more. On the way music from the brand new album "Sound of Superman" with American Hi-Fi, Minnie Driver and Five for Fighting from Smallville Vol 2 Metropolis Mix, John Williams and the Boston Pops music from the first film series, Bush, Jack's Mannequin, and more.

Also, I've planned out the next 5 weeks of themed programs. We have a night of rock, world music, love songs, dreams and more in store for July and August. You can find more information about what we have lined up on our calendar page at

Have a great holiday.

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Jenni Jamison said...

that sounds like a great show!