Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Summertime, Summertime

Well, all apologies for not updating the news section of this site as soon as we should. We just finished a look back at 90's rock music over the past few weeks. That was a lot of fun. We're enterring into the summer and as most of you know, we like to do some different things in the summer.

By different, we mean, well different. We'll have some special themed programs for the summer, some coinciding with some big blockbuster movie releases coming out in the next few months, and also an annual presentation of new material that will mirror in some ways a program that ran last year.
This is referring to the Summer 2005 Comedy Night. We're still putting the pieces together for this year's Comedy Night but lined up already we have classic comedy from Bill Cosby, classic parodies from Weird Al that haven't aired before on the program and more. Stay tuned!

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