Monday, December 19, 2005

Thank You Local Music Supporters

Last night was Tony Barker's CD Release Party at Billiards Plus. It was great. Thank you all who came out to support local music and to see a 30-year dream come true for Tony. It was great meeting many new people and introducing them to KACU in a way they didn't know of before. There's a lot of people that don't know that Abilene artists are getting air-play on the radio. It was also great to hear some other local talent get on stage and play a few original tunes for us. I was introduced to Mike and Darin of Twice Removed. These guys are great! Not only to they have a good and engaging sound, but they have fun on stage while they perform. I look forward to hearing more of them in the future. Also, I heard Lofn, who sounds like a mix between Dido, Natalie Merchant and Green Day. She played a great small set and provided some CD tracks. We'll be hearing her on the show in the near future. I finally heard the great tunes and sounds of Duane Ramelot and all the great stuff I've heard about his music was confirmed. Jamison Priest played some new tunes from their upcoming album. Vincent Allen Dawson had a great set too. It was great to hear all of the artists who performed, there's too many to recount now. It was also great to meet Melanie Bowe, Rick Lane, Cameron Latham, Jeff Bullock, and Diane and Wyatt Robinson. Wyatt and Diane are two huge local music supporters and great cooks! Thank all of you who came out. And continue to support local music in Abilene. Spread the word about the Appetizer's support of local music. We've got more opportunities to win free tickets to the Planetarium concert series and more in-studio interviews coming up this new year. Stay Tuned!

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