Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Clad in Studio

Last weekend we were blessed with an in-studio interview with local up-and-coming rock group, Clad in Scarlet. Dave Ruiz and Carlos Macias of the group graced us with their presence and gave us a closer look at their roots, influences, humor and performance of 2 songs. We need to apologize for not mentioning this ahead of time but if you missed the show and want to hear it, email D Grant at dgrantsmith@gmail.com. He'll hook you up. It was a great show and a great conversation with 2 great guys and very talented musicians. They will also be featured this Friday night among other local college bands at Jam Fest at the Campus of ACU. The music starts at 7PM. Check out www.acu.edu for more information. And check out www.myspace.com/cladinscarlet for more information on the band.

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